Brandspark Leads Closing FAQ

A letter from the CEO:

“Today it’s with solemn sadness and hope that I share Brandspark Leads will be officially closing its doors on July 15th 2022.
For the past few years Brandspark Leads built our products and teachings around the core belief that “business owners only want more money”; That it’s our purpose as business owners to make money.
We built products, services, resources, and support around this core belief. It was during our most profitable months that I began to realize how little money actually satisfies my soul, or anyone else’s. I believe we are created for so much more than profit.
The past few months I’ve had to take a long and hard look at my mindset. After reflecting and contemplating, God kept bringing me back to this fundamentally false belief: “the purpose of business is to make money”. When money becomes the mission, rather than a tool, that belief turns into destructive actions that create terrible results. Unfulfillment, burn out, and unhappiness follow.
If anyone is currently experiencing the unfulfillment of a self-centered/money-centric business, I want to share this word of encouragement with you:
A shift is possible. I’ve come to believe this with all my heart: “The purpose of business is to love and serve people.” Profit is a powerful tool and essential ingredient in that process, but it isn’t the mission. When I chose to make this belief a reality, I finally experienced the true fulfillment, purpose, and motivation that comes from loving God by loving others.
I’ve started a new journey to help entrepreneurs grow profitable brands THAT LOVE PEOPLE. I’ll be sharing some of the frameworks I used to grow Brandspark Leads as well as frameworks I’ve used to align myself with my purpose to love other people. I’d be overjoyed to see you in there:
Some of you may have questions about your Brandspark Leads subscription, product access, and timeline. We’ve put all those questions/answers in a FAQ below.
If you have any more questions about your subscription that aren’t covered on our website, feel free to reach out through our live support on the website.
I want to publicly thank our amazing team that have grown to become friends through our years together. My respect and love for both of you extends far beyond business.
Lastly I want to thank our partners and customers. I’m so grateful for this incredible journey where I learned so much, got to know so many of you, and learn from all of you. I won’t ever forget it.”
– Jeremy Reyes
Founder of Brandspark Leads


Questions About Membership 

  • Will I lose access to my membership/subscription?

All of our products and services (including 100CAP, Lead Finder, and Cold Email Mastery) will no longer be available starting July 15th 2022. Your subscription will automatically cancel by June 15th, but you will have continued access up to July 15th.

  • When will I lose access to my products?

July 15th is the final day of access for any Brandspark Leads products. All of our products and services will be removed then.

  • Do I need to cancel my subscription(s)?

No. We will cancel your subscription for you. However, if you’d like to cancel your subscription yourself, you can do that anytime in your account.

  • What if I paid for a subscription that goes beyond July 15th?

We will not accept any new purchases or renewals after June 15th. If you purchased an annual subscription, you can receive a refund by contacting

  • I purchased an annual subscription to one of your softwares. Can I get a refund for the remainder of the subscription?

Yes. You can send a request to for a refund if you purchased an annual subscription that won’t end before July 15th 2022.